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Daniel Terblanche
ND. Horticulture - Landscape technology

Daniel's career grew out of a childhood interest in both art and nature. It was quite an aha moment when he realized that landscape design marries the two perfectly.

Not only does he have a vast plant knowledge and understanding of ecosystem but he also collected seeds, propagated and planted hundreds of plant species.

Daniels design style is unique and somewhat unconventional. Some clients have described his style as African-Zen and I think it describes it beautifully. Context is vital to the success of any garden, Daniel often tries to steer his clients towards creating a garden that has the right relationship with the buildings themselves and the wider context of the area in which it is placed.

After completing his studies in both Horticulture and Landscape design at the Cape Town University of Technology Daniel briefly worked at a local Landscape Architect, and then went into his own business where he has been ever since.

He has worked with a number of great Architects and Developers on various projects.


Marie Nenzen
Master deg. Urban Planning

Marie's interest in urban design came about as she travelled to cities in various continents as Africa, America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Her international experience has given her lots of inspiration for how to design sustainable spaces in cities.

An important feature for her in both urban and environmental design is that; "form follows function". Another essential concern is to create spaces where people can feel safe without infringing on the public space; Crime prevention through environmental design is a well-known international strategy to prevent crime and is starting to become more popular in South Africa.

Marie gained her interest from travelling and later decided to study in Sweden. She has a bachelor degree in Human Geography and a Master Degree in Urban Planning.